Concept, Painting and Performance

Popquiz Mural with
Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon invited me to paint a wall together at the Fumetto Comic Festival, and so we did. We began with a Poster Ping-Pong warm-up session on the topic of HATS -obviously, as Jim is the man with the HAT and my surname means HAT in Czech. Next, we opened the Fumetto Festival with a wild masked musical performance, painted our Mural during the festival, and concluded with a Ping-Pong DJ set at the final party."

Our wall is a Popquiz, each icon symbolizing a pop song - can you guess them?

Concept, Painting and Performance: Jim Avignon and Alexandra Klobouk
Event: Fumetto Comic Festival, Luzern

The HAT Poster Ping-Pong with Jim Avignon 

Left to right: 1. Klobouk, 2. Avignon, 3. Klobouk, 4. Avignon, 5. Klobouk, 6. Avignon, 7. Klobouk, 8. Avignon, 9. Klobouk

Before the opening performance at Fumetto Comic Festival 

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