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Alexandra Klobouk Visual and Storytelling 

Alexandra Klobouk is an artist, author and culture & content illustrator working between Berlin and the rest of the world. In her work she combines visual storytelling, journalism, intercultural communication, travel sketching, music, performance and various other disciplines.

Her work is vivid, fun and full of life, while it often tells stories of complex, difficult or unpleasant topics like Climate Change and Pollution, Gentrification, Fear of Strangers, the Holocaust or ignorance about Islam or the Turkish culture. She does it with a special power of observation and a in a way that makes it easy to engage, to lose the fear of contact, to want to know more.

Her books have been awarded most beautiful German books several times and were published by various publishers as Suhrkamp, Insel Verlag, C.H. Beck, Verlag Antje Kunstmann, Onkel&Onkel and Viel&Mehr.

She weekly illustrates the column GEHEN by Christian Seiler for DER KURIER and works for Magazines such as Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, ZEITMagazin, Merian, Das Magazin of Zurich Tagesanzeiger, and others.
She has been collaborating with Goethe-Institut and several other cultural and political innitiatives.

Next to her publishing work, Alexandra Klobouk teaches Drawing and Illustration, Storytelling and Design Thinking. More info here

Alexandra is a member of the advisory board and illustrator of the October Conversations on Schloß Gartow.
She´s a singer, too.

ZEITMagazin writes: Heavy and easy, can they go together? With Alexandra Klobouk, they can

Praise from Christian Seiler: 
... Pictures that are so enthusiastic and colorful yet so precise and sensual - I think that as a reader you basically don't need any further explanations, you have eyes in your head after all. ...
Above all, (The Portuguese Cuisine) is an impressive testimony to how complex stories can be told.  ...
I can only recommend this book without reservation.”

Cooperations and Clients

Berliner Festspiele
Ludwig Maximilian Universität
German Israeli Future Forum
City of Munich
Günter Grass Haus Lübeck
Stuart Murdoch and God Help the Girl
Mehr Demokratie.eV

Deutscher Bundestag
Deutsche Telekom
Berliner Festspiele

Selection of exhibitions

Tel Aviv - The Self and the Other
Oldenburg- Jade Universität
Moskau - for Goethe Institut
Nordheim - for Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendbuchliteratur e.V.
Berlin - at Stadt Land Food Festival
Troisdorf - Bilderbuchmuseum for Project The Self and the Other
Zurich - Museum für Gestaltung
Vigo / Ghent / Stralsund / Goteborg / Kolding / Värnamo / Tampere / Hamburg / Zurich / and more
as part of the touring exhibition Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project
Straubing - Gründerzentrum (with Günter Klobouk)
Regensburg - Stadtbibliothek
München - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


Several classes, seminars on Visualisation, Storytelling and Design Thinking at (Bauhaus) Anhalt University with Eva Goncalves
Lissabon - for Deutsche Schule
Tel Aviv - for Future Forum
Moskau - for Goethe Institut
Perm - for Goethe Institut
Volkach - for Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendbuchliteratur e.V.
Oldenburg - Jade Universität

Studio Alexandra Klobouk
Lausitzerstr. 10
10999 Berlin
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