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Lauratibor Protest Opera

When housing crisis and gentrification is evicting people from their homes, the people of Kreuzberg get inventive. A group of over 100 activists, artists, craftspeople and laypeople brought the protest opera to the streets of Berlin, Copenhagen and Aarhus during a process of over 3 years.
Alongside innitiator, dramaturgist and main opera singer Marieke Wikesjo, author Tina Müller, directors Konstanze Schmidt and , Composer Anders and activist Sabe Wunsch I was part of the coreteam of this extravagant and extensive collaborative. I helped develope the story, the project and my own character, the senator of finance, contributing the lyrics to my aria. Together with singer Kiki Manders and performer Yagner Anderson I performed as 1/3 of the 3 headed gentrification monster and the 3 sirene like senators of Berlin and a part of the choir of investors and of the people of Berlin.
Lauratibor was staged on the streets in which its pressing story is happening - in front of and from within houses threatened by evition, singing the stories of the people fighting for their homes. In a big showdown the investor is being cast out of the city by the diverse people it is made of, united in their believe that a better way of living together is possible. Opera tackles the big stories, the dramas of live and here it finds its ideal form as song of the people, for the people and united by song the former isolated gather to a huge positive and transformative force, discovering their united strength. Other then classic protest forms like demonstration or squattings, the protest opera touches, charmes and activates people of diverse backgrounds, speaking to their emotions, providing new folk songs and spreading hope in a seemingly unwinnable fight of David against Goliath. The threatened project spaces of LAUSE and Ratibor, that formed the core of Lauratibors Protest Operas Protagonists, it was possible to save them, supported by the wide frantiq feedback this creative and very Kreuzberg form of protest.

Lauratibor is a coopartive of over 100 artists, craftspeople, activists from Kreuzberg, Berlin.
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