Live Illustration & Graphic Facilitation for the Civic Council
of German Bundestag

In 2021 I had the honor to visually accompany the first civic council in Germany under the patronage of the German Bundestag. On the topic Germany's role in the world 160 representative citizens of Germany between the ages 16 and 90 years were selected by a random draw and worked together over several weeks. The NGOs Institut für partizipatives Gestalten and Mehr Demokratie e.V. organized and hosted the event under patronage of Wolfgang Schäuble, at the time president of the Bundestag.

Alexandra Klobouk: Live Illustration, Graphic Facilitation
Client: Mehr Demokratie e.V.
Cooperation with Institut für partizipatives Gestalten
Commissioned by the Bundestag

During work sessions I drew images of the discussed topics and personas that had been worked out by work groups. The visualizations of their work served as reference points in the very complex process of political decision-making.
Between sessions we presented the illustrated personas and discussed it with participants and host Jascha from IPG. The participants then continued their work using the visualizations as a summary and reminder of their agreements, giving very positive feedback to this unconventional facilitation.
Marianne Birthler, president of the civic council chose one of my drawings as a token of this first ever civic council in Germany. It illustrates the difficulty of trying to find balance between  guidance and restraint.

Due to the pandemic in 2021 the event was moderated in a studio, while participants took part online from their homes.

The presentation of the results of the civic council with at the time Bundestags president Wolfgang Schäuble and the initiators of the civic council and its president Marianne Birthler.

My illustrated persona of Germany's Role in the world summarizes what was suggested by the civic council: “... as a fair partner and mediator, working collaboratively with others, especially with the EU, to shape a world in which future generations can live self-determined and well.”

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