Text, Concept and Illustration

Die Portugiesische Küche Cookbook

A celebration of the Portuguese kitchen and culture and a feast for the eyes. Cooking is one of the most pleasurable forms of cultural exchange. Over 100 recipes introduce the diverse Portuguese kitchen, its rich past, present and future. Photography and illustration tell you how things are done, as well as the stories behind the dishes - of culinary refinement, the joy of cooking and of sharing.
None of the international team - neither me, the head of this experiment, to photographers or publishers had ever worked on a cookbook. It was very personal, nerve-wracking and wonderful. 

Concept, Text, Illustrations: Alexandra Klobouk
Concept, recipes, text: Rita Cortes
Consultation, recipe contribution: Luis Ehlert
Graphic Design: Eva Gonçalves
Photography: Mariana Veloso, Ricardo Pereira
Coverlettering: Ulrike Jensen

Available at ︎ Verlag Antje Kunstmann 

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The cuisine of a country speaks volumes about its history, its people, its climate, its nature. My experience of Portugal cannot be separated from sharing meals with friends and strangers. 

Food connects beyond borders and opens the hearts and mouths of those who previously knew nothing about Portuguese culture. This very personal book was created in collaboration with Rita Cortes, who introduced me to the secrets of the kitchen and its cooks. The combination of photography and drawing is an important means of sharing my personal encounter with Portugal and its people. Each page contains a tip for the unknown recipe or ingredience or an anecdote explaining the origins and legends of the respective recipe.
Recipe illustrations explain the route to the foreign dish and the handwritten text is the narrator's personal commentary on her journey of discovery through a new culture. The entire narrative and the lovingly elaborate execution aim to create closeness, to get the reader involved and invite them to discover for themselves. Despite the inexperience of everyone involved when it comes to making cookbooks, the relative unfamiliarity of Portuguese cuisine in Germany and the fast-moving nature of the cookbook market, the book is currently in its 5th edition. 

Press reviews:
“Has what it takes to become a standard work.”  NZZ-Online

“A wonderfully richly researched and expertly prepared book. All recipes are meticulously detailed and illustrated in a witty and informative manner.” Spiegel Online

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