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Image campaign against Xenophobia 

The political climate change in 2015, when welcoming culture towards refugees tipped over to a fear of immigrants, refugees, strangers deeply concerned me. As a reaction  I started the collaborative campaign Bildkorrektur “image correction”, inviting 15 renowned Illustrators and artists to illustrate facts against popular fears. Each illustrator created a fear-answer pair, the fear in red colors and the answer in blue colors. For transparency we added the source of information - all answers were fact checked by Felix Denk, a journalist working for Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung. For the greatest possible public perception we offered the campaign to our gathered press contacts as free open source content. It was published on several big online platforms on new year’s day of 2016. The reaction was impressive and widely positive. The city of Munich started a public poster campaign against Xenophobia using our motives, Goethe Institute set up an international series exhibitions and school workshops called “Changing the Picture” and started the international project Picture Politics inspired by Bildkorrektur and Missio uses it as teaching material.

Illustrators: Barbara Yelin, Jim Avignon, Hamed Eshrat, Jens Harder, Mawil, Moritz Stetter, Matthias Gubig, Alex Jordan, Sebastian Lörscher, Tim Dinter, Serafine FreyFÖRM, Aike Arndt, Felix Denk (Text und Recherche)

Published at:, SZ Online, Tagesspiegel,, Page, ORF, MünchnerMerkur, Bento, ZEITOnline, and many more
Partners: City of Munich, Goethe Institute, Missio

See the whole project here on Tumblr

The City of Munich made our project into a city wide poster campaign. Goethe Institute started up a series of exhibitions and workshops with schools and our contributors across Europe.

The illustrations are open source. Download them from our tumbler & share them - but don´t change them.

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