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Idea, Illustration and Text

Polymeer - eine apokalyptische Utopie

“The Polymer Sea, an apocalyptic Utopia” is a fairytale picture story for all ages of absurd facts and one big threat. Playful and serious, this book tackles the biggest challenge of our times and takes the reader on a quest for an answer. The book was made in 2010, when the year 2043 and climate collapse still seems like a possible but far away and sciencefictionesque scenario. Many of its far fetched ideas turned out to become reality in the course of the making of the book and the past years.

Alexandra Klobouk: Idea, Illustration and Text
Published at Onkel&Onkel

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It's the year 2043: the poles have melted, the sea level has risen and Holland has disappeared. A lone Dutch man missed the evacuation.

He is now all alone, drifting over the ocean directly towards an incredible discovery. Far out on the open sea lies a secret - could it be the rescue of his sunken country? A story on the inventive genius and ignorance of the human kind. The images are collages of illustrations and plastic garbage. The book ends with a fact page on plastic waste, developed in collaboration with Deepwave e.V., an ocean conservation organization. Printed by Oktoberdruck, sustainable printing Berlin with one neon color to underline the toxicity of this colorful tale.
Press reviews: 

“With great ease, Alexandra Klobouk tackles serious topics.”  PAGE

“Serious and playful - is that possible? The illustrations by the artist Alexandra Klobouk on the downfall of the world demonstrate: It is possible.”  ZEIT Magazin

With a lot of humor and playful ideas, Alexandra Klobouk takes the viewers through her apocalyptic utopia.” Deutschlandfunk Kultur

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