Concept, Illustration, Animation

End Period Stigma! Video
for Menstrual Hygiene Day

Animation for Wash United, the NGO that started the global Menstrual Hygiene Day in order to end period stigma. Worldwide women and girls experience discrimination due to the ongoing taboo and stigma of their period. The animation shows the global effort to make a change by connecting countries and pearls to form the MHD bracelet that symbolizes the period cycle: 28 white pearls for ⌀ 28 days of cycle and 5 red pearls for ⌀ 5 days of period.
The MHDay is on 05.28. of each year.

Concept, Illustration, Animation: Alexandra Klobouk
Support and Structures: Leyla Sehar
Client: Wash United

Studio Alexandra Klobouk
Lausitzerstr. 10
10999 Berlin
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